Sunday, March 16, 2008

adventures of a phoneix, a frog, and a riverdog with a blue bottle

ahhh dear friends i am a bit tired. just completed my self-eval and sent it off to my boss (who i adore btw…i know just how fortunate i am as i have had some doozies….) i also have washed, mopped, laundered every linen and surface in my place. why bother because JS doesn’t arrive until tuesday? it is because JB will be having dinner at chez moi tomorrow evening and i don’t want to cut that evening short because i have been such a slacker.

as i have gotten so much done today, i naturally wanted to reward myself and just think about food for a while.

as i promised yesterday, i've uploaded some pictures from the saturday berkeley farmer’s market.

here is a crepe stall that provides organic buckwheat batter on request....that is soooo berkeley.

if you live in the sf bay area, are a foodie, and love coffee...then your coffee of choice is likely blue bottle. if you don't believe me, i think you should check out that little sign that indicates a few of the restaurants that serve their coffee (i.e., chez panisse). i doubt ms. waters would settle for mediocre coffee. just a thought.

these guys have been around for at least a decade...i saw them selling their farm fresh eggs over 10 years ago.

hey, i know it isn't a food stall.... but what is a farmer's market without some flowers?

riverdog farm also has a saturday stall and is much 3 times larger than the thursday stall.

i know that there is a big roll of plastic in the way...just wanted folks to get a sense of how crowded the riverdog stall is.

gratuitous foodie porn shot of parsnips and green garlic... wasn't able to get a lot of these kinds of shots in because it was too crowded.

frog hollow farm also has a larger stall at the saturday market....and no, dear friends, i have no idea who the poser in red is.

phoenix pastificio makes wonderful flavorful pastas. mp introduced me to their pastas years ago. i used to go to them when they had a store front. yet now they sell their wares primarily at farmer's markets.

well, that's a lot of pictures for this post!

i also wanted to give everyone a sense of the variety of people that attend this farmer's market. it is QUITE a bit different than..say...the folks that attend the SF Ferry Building Farmer's Market or the Heart of the City Farmer's Market at SF Civic Center. yet, i'll tromp over to those markets another time and post lots 'n lots of pictures. then you'll be able to compare for yourself. tee hee.

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