Saturday, March 15, 2008

cozy creamy comfort

admittedly i usually do not eat breakfast in the morning.

it really isn't a part of my routine. sometimes i go in spurts and i'll be really good. i'll have breakfast for, like, a week. interestingly enough, the spurts seem to coincide with DC saying "you know, you should really eat breakfast". DC should know....the breakfast program was one of DC's projects while working at the food and nutrition service.

the funny thing is, i love typical american "breakfast" foods. crispy bacon....yum yum....pancakes, belgian waffles, eggs benedict, any kind of salty sausage whether it be a patty, breakfast links, italian,...all of it is supremely yummy. i also love the UK breakfast foods that include the fried eggs, beans, grilled tomatoes and blood sausage.....yet, i would just prefer to have that kind of food for lunch, dinner, or even better... at 2am.

well, as for this morning.... it is well after 2am and i felt like making a nice cozy breakfast. i decided to make my self some sweetly spiced farina or "cream of wheat".

today, i made the farina with milk, butter (i'm a bit heavy handed with the butter...i like to add it during cooking and after i pour it in the bowl), agave, murcott tangerine zest and cinnamon.

truly cozy creamy comfort in a bowl.

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