Wednesday, March 12, 2008

invigorating afternoon snack

no matter how tired or weary i am, there is something about citrus fruit that invigorates me.

citrus fruit is a particular treat in the winter and is a lovely antidote to any winter blues. i was definitely reminded of this today.

it all began when i puttered into my kitchen looking for something to munch on. i was quickly drawn to the murcott tangerine’s pop of color. there is something cheerful about the brightness of oranges and tangerines that bring out any smiles lurking beneath my grumpy surface.

as i hold the tiny heavy fruit, i can detect a subtle fragrance. this petite globe is obviously calling out to me, daring me to discover what lies beneath its skin. i naturally accept the invitation and begin to peel. removing the first piece of peel activates a bouquet that is no longer subtle. in fact, it surrounds me with its fresh strength. the scent, for some reason, reminds me of a time when i was on a train ....and a fellow passenger about 5 feet away began to peel an orange for a mid-afternoon snack. i remember thinking, why didn't i think of that?

anyway, i digress. i adore eating tangerines as they don't take long peel and i can quickly reach the meaty fruit. i am all about gratification. this one in particular seems bursting with sweetly tart juice. it isn't until after i finish my treat that i realize that i am smiling.

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