Wednesday, March 19, 2008

love at first bite

today is a day that i gave into temptation.

i made the decision to give in after i found out that my company’s san francisco office will be shut down and the majority of staff will be given severance packages. i started out in that office but i moved over to the company strategy department a few years ago. it is never easy to hear about people getting let go.

after news like that, i am all about cupcakes. and you know what? these are some pretty damn good cupcakes. they are from a shop called love at first bite.

yippeee for the cupcake bakery trend. yum yum. a perfect "cup" of cheer.

i purchased a variety (i wanted a lot of cheer) including “pure love” (chocolate coconut)

“pretty in pink” (strawberry)

“red hot love” (red velvet)

and “mudpie” (chocolate with cookie crumbs).

i figured that JS would be willing to share them with me. i didn’t even have to twist his arm.

it is difficult not to smile when you see one, or better yet, more than one. they envoke strong feelings of anticipation as well as nostalgic memories. this is one food trend from new york that i absolutely adore.

the next nyc food trend that i hope to see in the gourmet ghetto is the premium hot chocolate café.

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