Monday, March 17, 2008

noodle me quickly

between work, paris prep, and having dinner with JB, today has been go-go-go. is it just me, or do things seem a bit stressful right before going on vacation?

that brings me to the subject of lunch, specifically, lunch today.

when i am in go-go-go mode, it gets supremely tempting to eat very badly. wacky ideas like having a lunch of coffee ice cream with a chaser of premiere cru dark chocolate sound perfect. yet, i slapped myself mentally and thought, “there has got to be something i can make in a few minutes that isn’t toast.”

off to the kitchen i went and perused the insides of my fridge. thank goodness i did. in less than 15 minutes, i ended up making a wonderful hearty gyoza noodle soup.

i boiled some chicken broth (i.e., water with some “better than boullion”) and added cayenne,
nuoc mam,

smashed garlic...

green onions...

fresh egg noodles, broccoli shoots (from thursday's farmer's market), locally grown shiitake mushrooms (from saturday's farmer's market)

and a few frozen gyoza ( from trader joe’s).

then, voila, c’est fini.

it was really good. it was the kind of good that i’d actually make it when i am not in a hurry. i adore it when a haphazard recipe works out! don't you?

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