Saturday, March 15, 2008

there are so many things i should be doing right now

i should be

1) cleaning my place in preparation for the arrival of JS

2) working on my self-eval as it is due monday morning, central time

3) preparing for my trip to paris

4) working on the research for the company’s annual strategic planning process/preso

instead i

1) went to the saturday berkeley farmer’s market

2) grabbed a hotlink at top dog

3) grabbed a frozen yogurt at yogurt harmony

i have quite a few pics from the farmer’s market today, but i’ll only provide this one right now. i’ll upload more later with additional commentary.

my only comment on this picture is…. i have yet to see dreads on a white person that actually looks good.


i was semi-good this afternoon as i resisted some temptation and did not go into a couple of my fave berkeley shops.....the comic bookstore (i.e., Comic Relief)….where i have been known to severely damage my paycheck…i’m so glad that they moved to this bigger location....

and the the sci-fi fantasy bookstore

but, after gallivanting about the farmer’s market, i was feeling very peckish….hence my visit to top dog.

i have been going here for years. there are outposts throughout the east bay and i seem to order the hotlink each time i visit.

i loaded up the hotlink with kraut, spicy russian mustard, stone ground mustard, relish, onion, and jalapeƱos.

inevitably, i have to be somewhat careful when i eat it because i have to remember to breath through my mouth…else the fumes from the russian mustard burns my nostrils….much like wasabi. yet, no risk….no reward and it is quite the reward.

then looking to further avoid my pending responsibilities, i decide to wander over to yogurt harmony.

i’ve been going here about twice a week since it opened.

it is unlike any frozen yogurt i have had before…it actually tastes like yogurt and not milky ice. i prefer the plain tart yogurt with no toppings.

the toppings usually consist of chocolate chips, cereals, mochi, carob chips, and fruit. the flavored yogurts differ each day. the flavored yogurts are pomegranate, peach, blueberry, pineapple, and green tea. there may be more flavors...but these are the ones i've seen. i heard that a bunch of indie frozen yogurt places have opened up in SF. maybe i’ll pay them a visit sometime.

well, playtime over and must get back to work!

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