Thursday, March 13, 2008

who would have thought….

a long time ago, when i was little neophyte foodie, i remember going to a pho house and asking my mom to order me some milk. how cheeky! i mean, who really goes into a pho house asking for milk? please.

anyway, needless to say what arrived in a tall glass was not cow milk. it tasted like chalk and grass, or what i imagined ground up chalk mixed with water and a dash of mowed grass would taste like. thus began my hatred of soy milk. as a little kid, i ate and enjoyed a wide variety of foods. pigs feet? yummy. offal? oh goodie except steamed calf brains...too smelly. veggies? looooved them.

yet, soy milk was on my list of "you-can't-force-me-and-i-can-sit-at-the-table-for-hours" list. i like to think that my stubbornness was one of my more endearing qualities at that age. when soy milk was pushed toward me, my chin jutted out and i eyed the glass suspiciously. it was an automatic reflex. i recognized that the yellowish greenish tint to the white liquid meant it was not cow milk, but the dreadful soy milk. soy milk was just under durian and right above steamed calf brains on the hated list.

as the years went by and soy milk became pretty mainstream, it never made it to my kitchen. NEVER. then when a loved one was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and had to forgo many yummy and lovely things including cow dairy products, DC said that soy milk tastes a lot better now. while i was (and still am) trying to find and make delectable foods that adhere to their food restrictions, i was quite resistant to trying soy milk again. i imagine that my jutting chin and suspicion were quite evident.

then a few weeks went by and realized soy milk was consistently taking up space in my fridge. i had at least a quart stocked in my fridge for when DC visits. i recall thinking to myself, "what kind of foodie am i? it has been years. i should at least try it. i mean, i enjoy silken tofu, pressed tofu, braised tofu, edamame, deep fried tofu, etc.....i should really just try it." so grabbed the quart and vigorously shook it. hmmmm, as if shaking it so vigorously would some how charm it and me. i then proceeded to pour myself a very teeny tiny cup of vanilla flavored soy milk.

imagine my surprise when it tasted nothing like the soy milk of my childhood. there was richness... a depth even. it wasn't "watery". it didn't taste like chalk or grass. it tasted like delicate sweet soy. bottomline: it tasted like dessert. i love desserts. i quickly poured myself a more substantial cup as my brain ran through the possibilities. there must be more flavors! more desserts to try! later, i went to the store and bought many flavors that included chocolate, mocha, and coffee. i pretty much stuck to white wave's silk line. i like the vanilla and the coffee the best and they will likely remain mainstays in my kitchen.

who would have thought? i suppose i’ll take soy milk off my "you-can't-force-me-and-i-can-sit-at-the-table-for-hours" list

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