Saturday, April 19, 2008

brunching before the forbidden kingdom

well, no sf ferry building farmers market for me this morning. i woke up extremely late, but i must confess that it felt really good to be that lazy. however, i am not going to be so lazy that i am going to miss out on seeing the forbidden kingdom today. before i head off to see the movie, i wanted to grab something to eat. now, i have nothing against hot you know, i love me a good hot dog or hot link. yet, the last few times i've bought hot dogs at movie theatres ...they were very uninspiring. while i still like the kettle korn that some of the theatres serve, sweet and salty popcorn is not enough to fill the belly....and why be distracted by hunger pangs when you are watching a movie? especially a fantasy martial arts movie where folks are going to be flying around and generally kicking butt.

thankfully, DC left me the leftovers for the carrot risotto from yesterday's dinner so that made the brunch decision decidedly less complicated (did you see that? i used decision decidedly ...tee hee). i also added a side of the spicy braised kale with green garlic that i had made from my acquisitions at thursday's berkeley farmers market.

isn't it pretty? i love the color of the risotto.

i also knew it was going to be good...that is definitely one of the benefits of already know what everything tastes like. the pairing of the spicy kale with green garlic worked out very well.

so, now i'm off to enjoy the forbidden kingdom with no worries. i may even have just enough room for some kettle korn.

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