Monday, April 7, 2008

cold in the garden

ok, well, it really wasn't very warm when i was in paris. not at all.

i suppose i could say that this was a good motivator to walk very quickly and thank the gods for inspiring humans to create clothes out of wool and cashmere. coincidentally, i was also consistently thanking myself for wearing multiple layers of it. the lack of warmth was also a good reason to take the metro ...which is an adventure within itself. french people look at you a bit odd when you say how much you love the metro...and i do love the metro by the way. not only is it incredibly convenient, but it also makes for very interesting people watching.

btw, the guy is totally straight. i was watching this couple for a while. i bet all of my sf bay friends are saying "no way!", to which my response is "way".

anyway, the convenience of the metro allows for quick excursions to places like the
jardin du luxembourg where a lot of cold weather didn't detract folks from enjoying the garden or in some cases, actually eating in the garden.

i don't think they look very warm, what do you think? i mean, it wasn't -33 degrees fahrenheit with a wind chill factor (which was my most memorable visit to chicago don't forget the first time you learn what "bone chilling" really feels like) but it was pretty cool in paris, especially to a california native. yet it was really nice to see a group of friends enjoying lunch on their makeshift table and, of course, drinking a bottle of wine.

also, it was lovely to see these permanent stalls in the garden selling drinks and crepes.

my blood is not nearly as hearty as those garden diners so the gallivanting about the windy garden was rather quick. i did take a pause for a few moments to take some pictures of Dalloyau pastries. Dalloyau is right next to one of the entrances to the garden.

oh so pretty.....

are you hungry yet? no? well here are a couple of more shots....

taking shots of this store and yearning to try the pastries was quite serendipitous. later on in the week, Mme F served VF and i an absolutely delicious opera cake from here. sometimes putting "wishes" out into the universe really works out!

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