Sunday, April 27, 2008

discovering the sweetshoppe, 1000 journals, and that c-man can dance

so on saturday morning i dragged myself out of bed, got ready at a molasses pace, and loaded myself onto a sf bound bart train. i definitely felt myself dragging along which i know was a result of too much rioja sipping the night before....and you know, i thought i was being sooo good too. the party folks even informed me that my face wasn't flaming red. given my lack of tolerance, the glowing red face is usually the sign of imbibing too much. kind of like my own personal warning beacon. well, the beacon wasn't working. sigh.

the bed was feeling really cozy on saturday morning and i wouldn't have dragged myself out of bed if i

a)hadn't already bought the ticket to see 1000 journals at the san francisco international film festival
b)told the c-man that i'd see him dance at band shell in golden gate park

but i did.

so hence me on the bart train, listening to angie stone via my psp at epically loud decibels, and reading necromancer (the comic mind you...not some guide to necromancy). if i could have read and walked to the bus stop without bumping into people, i probably would such was my mood. i put the comic away and left the music as it was. then right before i arrived at the stop, i saw this...

instantly the music was turned off and i decided this deserved a much closer look.

then i thought, it really is a candy store. a candy store that specializes in english candy.

now dear hearts, many of you know that from my travels to england, the only things i miss are a) the indian food (which was an oasis among so much gad awful food...the only other exception being the english breakfast....although i suspect that i would add teatime to this list but i never experienced "tea" in england) b) HobNobs c) the CANDY

i seriously thought about buying enough english candy to see me through the film and lunch. yet, i only bought some maynard wine gums and rose turkish delight.

the lady working (i think it was fiona of fiona's sweetshoppe) was super nice. she said that she missed the candy so much when she came to the states that she opened her own shop. i can completely understand that perspective. i can imagine doing something similar for certain foods if i moved out of the states...or heck...out of the sf bay area even. it also sounds like she keeps it in the family as she mentioned that her dad works there during the week. the store and fiona were absolutely charming...and no, it wasn't the accent i found charming, it was her as a person and the store itself. i'm a bit impervious to english accents these days. i think i'll make a point to visit this store when i am downtown. it is on 214 sutter street off of kearny.

after that lovely find, i hopped on the bus and made my way to the kabuki. the reason why i decided against buying lunch at fiona's was because i was really looking forward to buying lunch at Nijiya Market...a japanese supermarket that is about a block away from the kabuki.

i figured that i'd buy some lunch there and take it with me to golden gate park for the dance thing. now, i have quite a few intriguing pictures from Nijiya Market....yet, i'm going to wait to post them as i'd like to dedicate an entire post to it. in fact, i was almost late for the movie because i was taking so many pictures. i think once you see my pictures you'll understand why i wanted to save room in the tummy for acquisitions from Nijiya.

the movie 1000 journals, btw, was fascinating and inspiring. i'm glad that it screened to a full house and i hope that it goes to DVD with a wide distribution. i had no idea that this is a project that started in SF. i bailed as soon as it was over though...i didn't want to miss the c-man's performance at golden gate so i grabbed my Nijiya acquisitions, hopped in a cab, and enjoyed my turkish delight on the ride to the band shell.

when i got to the venue, i found a seat in the semi-shade

and started to eat my lunch...

and then dessert, of course...

which was this cake filled with chocolate...i've never had it before, but wanted to try it...i bought quite a few things from Nijiya that i've never tried before....that is one of the fun things about going to Nijiya.

the Douceur pastry was was a thin sweet cake and a bitter (not in a bad way or super bitter way like bitter melon) chocolate filling.

it wasn't bad, it was just different. i ate the entire thing. i kept taking a bite and thinking about the bittersweet flavors. hmmm. interesting.

as the dance venue was about an hour or so behind schedule, i decided to keep myself occupied with some of my other acquisitions, like the salty sweet sesame rice crackers (sanko tusubo goma) which are completely addicting. gluttony becomes my favorite sin when i eat these....

i should have bought two bags of these things. after the 10th cracker or so, c-man went up on stage with the rest of the crew

now, for those of you who don't know c-man, i'm not going to say which one he is. the picture is more proof than anything else. so, c-man, here is proof that i really did stay to see ya dance even though the venue was over an hour behind.

nite everyone. until next time. i think next time will be a whole lot pictures from

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