Friday, April 25, 2008

getting fortified for the rioja tasting party

alrighty. it's friday and i'm planning to go to a rioja tasting party later this evening. so, this posting is going to be rather quick (and warning...the prose may be a bit jilted) as i still have to get ready and such. yet, before i leave for the party, i wanted to post some of the shots i took of my lunch today.

as i have mentioned earlier, i have an alcohol tolerance of a gnat. one of the ways to combat this is through clever and careful planning. what is this clever plan? umm, well, that is...the plan is to make sure that i don't have an empty stomach when the drinking begins. well, i suppose that is more common sense than cleverness isn't it?

with this "common sense" plan in mind, i decided to have a late and heavy lunch. the main course for lunch today was a porcini pasta tossed with roasted portabella mushroom, red bell pepper, green garlic, and parmesan. it was actually pretty quick to make. quickness is one of my requirements when making lunch during the week...and i really like roasting because you can put stuff in the oven and go work on something else...and well... if you forget that you put it in the oven...the smell of roasting veggies will remind's the veggies' way of saying "we're here! we're ready! don't you want to eat us?"

anyway, to get the dish started, i sliced a portabella mushroom and some green garlic...

then, i decided at the last minute to add a bit of red bell pepper. at the time, i wasn't certain how this was going to work out as roasted bell peppers sometimes overpower other flavors. so i only added a small amount of the red bell pepper...

after chopping up a small amount of red bell pepper, i put the veggies in a glass pie plate with some kalamata olive oil, red chili flakes, sage, and kosher salt. then i placed the plate into the oven at 400 degrees.

while that was cooking away, i decided to make a side of roasted brussels sprouts.

since i wanted everything to be ready about the same time, i sliced the sprouts kinda thinly (but not japanese mandoline thin)...

i grabbed another glass pie plate, put the sliced sprouts into the plate, and seasoned them with roasted hazelnut oil, kosher salt, black pepper, and a teeny bit of evaporated cane juice. then i placed the sprouts into the oven where they joined the other veggies.

i left all of the veggies in the oven until i could smell was the wonderful smell that told me that they were ready. then i took the veggies out of the oven and i put them aside....

then, i grabbed some of the fresh porcini pasta that i bought from the phoenix stall at thursday's berkeley farmers' market

and immersed the pasta in some salted boiling water....and it cooked very two minutes....

then i added some plugra butter (i didn't go easy on the butter) and tossed in the 'srooms, green garlic, red bell pepper,

and added the parmesan

then i plated the pasta....

and crumbled some candied pecans on top of the brusselss sprouts...

then it was all done and ready to eat.

wow....this was not a lite lunch by any means but a very hearty yummy one.... hopefully, this plan of heavy eating before drinking will work out and i'll be able to 10 sips of wine instead of 3.

oh yeah, what am i bringing to the party? based on a recommendation that i received from the chow board, i'm bringing a 2001 reserva from lan.

no i wasn't trying to be all arty with my shot. the truth is...i don't have time to clear out the kitchen counter or my office table to get a decent shot. one of the shelves was clear enough (but i couldn't stand it upright) i just stuck the bottle there. see how you get "warts and all" on my blog?

well gotta dash. wine waits for no one...especially when you are going to a party with people with HIGH tolerances and i want to get my sip or two in.

nite all!

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Victoria said...

"HIGH tolerance??" I'm not sure I need the all-caps version of high... ;-)