Saturday, April 12, 2008

hot times in the city

while i enjoy living in the gourmet ghetto, i do miss living in the city. perhaps someday, i'll move back. yet until then, i am resigned to being (sniff sniff...whimper whimper) a bridge and tunnel person .. i'll just have to settle for quick whistle stop tours.

today, my day began at the sf ferry building farmers market. unfortunately, i was too lazy to get up earlier so i didn't arrive to the sf ferry building until 9:30.

big shock, it was already crowded.

it may have been so crowded because it was a beautiful and hot day. well, we aren't talking about new orleans' sticky-and-i-don't-want-to-move-summer-hot but still pretty hot for a perpetually cool city like sf . after decades, i still get evilly gleeful and chuckle when i see freezing tourists in shorts because they think sf summer = warm.

or it may have been crowded at the sf ferry building farmers market because it always crowds up after 9am.

hmmmmm....i knew as i was getting on BART that waking up so late was a bad idea. if one truly wants to enjoy the sf ferry must get there around 8am on saturdays or go in the middle of the day (during the week).

a few years ago, when i worked near levi strauss plaza and piperade, i was able to walk to the sf ferry building during lunch breaks. visiting the sf ferry building in the middle of the day during the week is my fave time to go visit a few of my fave permanent stalls such as....

cowgirl creamery

frog hollow farm

boulette's larder

yet today, despite my laziness, i wanted to see the saturday sf ferry building stalls ....while my experiences at the parisan farmer's markets are still fresh in my mind.

i am glad that i went. the saturday stalls outside of the ferry building are filled with many local artisans that can definitely hold their own. here are some of the stalls selling


unique jams such as the chili jams from tierra...i also love their dried chilies as well...

takeaway sauces...

and much much more...

yet, my day didn't end at the sf ferry building..i'm so tired that i feel my eyes drooping. i'll give you a quick synopsis with the promise of more details later. today, i also went to out the door (for lunch, wine, and left with a deep appreciation for our server), richart (for chocolate snacks), squat and gobble (for drinking and lounging outside), and la taqueria (for dinner). however, i'll provide more details and pics later. bed now! nite nite.

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