Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i ate mugwort today.

oh yes i did. did i know it was mugwort when i ate it? oh no i did not.

it appears that one of the japanese pastries i bought from nijiya market was mugwort flavored sweet pastry.

one would think that a practical person like me would look up what "yomogi" meant before eating it. it never crossed my mind. i just assumed that this would be a bean filled sweet and i picked the green flecked one because i had never seen it before.

it never crossed my mind that this would be a mugwort flavored sweet because i thought (silly ignorant me) that mugwort was something made up for the harry potter books.

as soon as i bit into it, i thought "ummm, it tastes kinda herby and kinda musty at first. hmmmm. then you taste the sweetened red beans".

then i took another bite and thought..."it is different...not repugnant, but i still don't like it. maybe the herby stuff is only in the cake and not the filling." so i tried scraping off some cake and just eating a bit of the sweetened red bean paste. stronger sweet bean taste...but herby taste still there. sigh. i didn't finish it and i immediately went online and googled "yomogi". that is when i learned that yomogi = mugwort. hmmmm, lesson learned.

does this mean that i'm going to stop trying different kinds of
manju or wagashi (even ones that i can't identify)? absolutely not.

i like trying things i've never tasted before...and the experience led me to something else that i'd like to try...or in this case ...a place i want to go to. my online search on yomogi eventually led me to a benkyodo's web site. benkyodo is really close to
nijiya and they make fresh manju. i had no idea that benkyodo existed! yet, the thought of trying fresh manju is very intriguing and i must add benkyodo to my "visit" list the next time i am near japantown or the kabuki.

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