Thursday, April 10, 2008

i want a little sweetness down in my soul

the first time i heard a recording of nina simone singing "i need a little sugar in my bowl", i remember thinking.... "now THAT is a SONG". i didn't hear the bessie smith recording of this song until years later....however, despite bowing down to ms. smith with utter reverence, it is the nina simone version that will always resonate with me.

how could it not? sometimes "i want a little sweetness down in my soul". i think we all do. sometimes you just have to make it when you want it. sometimes making it is a lot less complicated than buying it....or having someone else make it for you. it is particularly less complicated to make sweetness for yourself when you wake up in the morning.

surprisingly, this morning i woke up pretty hungry and with a screaming sweet tooth. i thought this would be a good opportunity for a quick, decadent, sweet, and creamy breakfast. i'm talking about a toasted baguette topped with fruit conserves and crème fraîche.

it is a breakfast i started eating during the tail end of the paris trip. i have no idea if other people have done this, but it was one of those "let's try this and see what happens" sort of things. there were some confiture de fraises in the fridge and the night before i had picked up some
crème fraîche, smoked salmon, and i thought why not try some crème fraîche on my toast? must not let the crème fraîche go to waste! i'm so glad that i did. it was sooooooo gooooood.

so back to this morning....i had some fresh strawberries and some blood oranges so i made a quick conserve/confiture with sliced strawberries, super thinly sliced blood oranges, bourbon vanilla extract, agave, and evaporated cane juice.

while that was bubbling away on the stove..... i split and toasted a piece of an acme sweet baguette

when the conserve was ready

i spooned some on the toasted bread

and put the rest of the conserve in the fridge for actually thickens up nicely in the fridge...i'm a fan of eating quick conserves either warm or cold....

after i spooned the warm conserves on top of the bread, i topped it with the crème fraîche...i don't go light on crème fraîche....

when you take a bite...there is so much good flavor going on. there is sweet and sour essence of the warm strawberries and blood oranges..coupled with the cool richness of the
crème fraîche and must not forget the satisfying crunch of the toasted baguette. it is so simple, yet so wickedly satisfying. it feels like i am having dessert for breakfast. it is a comforting sweetness that feeds the soul.

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