Wednesday, April 2, 2008

lost in translation....

i returned from paris on sunday and i already miss it. i miss the 4th floor apartment in the 16th century building on the ile saint louis. while i absolutely did not like the curving tiny uneven staircase ....where i feared that i was going to tumble to my premature death, i loved the little 'hood. i was also tres amused at the looks VF and i received when we told VF's parisian friends where our apartment was.

the first things i like to do when i'm renting a vacation home are 1)check out the bookshelves 2) see what is in the cupboards. sometimes that is an adventure within itself. the first time i rented a cabin in yosemite, i discovered a dogged eared copy of amerine & singleton's wine: an introduction which was the catalyst for my love of wine.... so i've had some good luck with that sort of thing. while the book selection at the ile st. louis apartment was absolutely abysmal, i had a good chuckle at what i found in one of the cupboards....

i saw this sugar in a couple of parisian homes as well and when asked about it, the parisians didn't make the connection to "sugar daddy". it was moments like this where i felt very american.

i am still utterly jet lagged and when i went to the store today grab some groceries, i found myself yearning for the sight of a patisserie or boulangerie on every third corner. i didn't really think i would get forlorn over some puff pastry and baguettes, but then again, who knows what you are going to miss...until you miss it. yet, at the same time, i am utterly glad to be home. what a paradox, non?

because i am jet lagged and supremely punchy, i'm not going to launch into the marathon of foodie pictures i took while in paris. i took a lot of pictures while i was in paris. i stopped looking at the number once i reached over 300 pictures. gotta love the age of digital cameras and inexpensive 2G memory flash cards.... it makes taking 5-15 pictures of the same croissant a lot more feasible. although BF said that he and DB (for the sake of our friendship and to show how much they like me) would sit through my paris pictures after i returned..... i bet BF didn't realize i was going to take over 300 pictures. yet, fortunately for you dear hearts, i am not that evil. i'll be talking about the trip a bit here and there over the next few weeks.

my picture choices will be edited. somewhat.

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