Saturday, April 19, 2008

midnight musings on warriors, swords and strawberry rhubarb crisp

so, i'm reading whedon's fray and i am enjoying it quite a bit. i think i am a bit of an unusual whedon fan, as i am a whedon fan who has never seen a full episode of Buffy. how is that possible? i'm not certain. it is not due to the lack of trying on the part of SN that's for sure. yet, i know that i am a whedon fan due to serenity (specifically because of the characters of river, kaylee, zoe, and inara ...and yes...that is in order of preference). yet, after i read whedon's foreword to fray, i may bump him up from general admiration status to something close to hero-worship status.

here is a quote from the foreword....

"I had come to Dark Horse with pretty much one stipulation: No cheesecake. No giant silicone hooters, no standing with her butt out in that bizarrely uncomfortable soft-core pose that so many artists favor. .... I wanted a real girl, with real posture, and a slight figure (that's my classy way of saying "little boobs"), and most of all, a distinctive face...Melaka's every pose is real, lived in. She is hard, defensive, vulnerable, goofy, and yes, wicked sexy."

meleka, the hero and main character, also happens to carry a very big stick...more of a stake really....that is fashioned like a sword....all the better to kill lurks/monsters/vampires with. it isn't exactly cutesy. you can see it on the cover of the graphic novel.

sometimes inspiration happens in really odd ways. sometimes inspiration can be quite serendipitous. i was thinking about swords, meleka, warriors and such while i was taking some shots of rhubarb today.

i had decided to make some sort of dessert with strawberry and rhubarb...but i wasn't quite sure what. does that ever happen to you? you know ...when you want to use of what you've got and then just hummm along for a bit until you figure out what you want to do? so i took some shots that were more foodie-oriented

and then i put the strawberries and rhubarb away for a bit to see if inspiration would hit later...i had some time as it would be a few hours until DC en famille would be over for dinner. DC was planning to bring over some grilled steak, a carrot risotto, and a goat cheese currant mint terrine (it sounds really odd...but it was really really good...btw i also throughly enjoyed the carrot risotto as well).

a couple of hours later after my mini photo shoot, i decided to make a strawberry rhubarb crisp. i ended up modifying a recipe i found in one of my go-to books, madison's vegetarian cooking for everyone (no, i am not vegetarian). i made the modifications so that it would be aligned with DC's food restrictions...and still be tasty.

i mixed some evaporated cane juice, bourbon vanilla extract, cinnamon, cloves, and spelt flour with the rhubarb and strawberries

then, to make the crisp topping, i mixed some spelt flour, organic oats, hazelnut agave, roasted hazelnut oil, nutmeg, bourbon vanilla extract, evaporated cane juice, and a little bit of molasses together

then baked it 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. it came out sweetly tart and crispy.

i figured that the super yummy goat milk ice cream (2 flavors: black mission figs and deep chocolate
) i had on-hand would be a good accompaniment.

sooo, DC en famille arrived and dinner was wonderful. then before we further stuffed ourselves with dessert, the family decides that i've delayed opening my birthday presents long enough. i didn't open them up last weekend as we were having that whistle stop tour of eating, drinking, and eating some more last week. so guess what one of the presents was? of course, it was a sword. specifically, a replica of a 17th century french swept hilt rapier. it is very similar to the ones i had been mooning over in the met this past winter. quite appropriate don't you think? you know they love me when they give me beautifully efficient sharp pointy things...

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