Thursday, April 24, 2008

nice and mellow trip to the berkeley farmers' market

thankfully no drama today. no crazy people. no weird ATMs. no broken pipes. i suppose having a few really odd days helps me appreciate having a non-drama day. after hours of reading through some stunningly dry statistical research for work, i decided to take a much-needed late lunch break wandering about the thursday's berkeley farmers' market.

i was definitely not doing my usual sprint through the market. i took my time going through the market, picking up some produce at Happy Boy Farms and Catalan Family Farm

as well as some fresh porcini parpadelle pasta from phoenix

i was also taking some random pictures that allowed me to feel less bug-eyed from reading all of that titillating government research

i took a picture of this person as she reminds me of a sister of this south african i used to know. the combo of the hair color and general style is quite may have been her...who knows?

after i was done with my farmers' market photo shoot, i stopped by love at first bite to buy, peel, and enjoy a red velvet cupcake....

then i ended my lunch with stopping for a few moments to admire the flowers from the flower stall on Cedar and Shattuck. i've been buying flowers here for years...i think you can see why.... (pssst you can also click on the flower picture to see the full effect)

this was exactly the kind of break i needed to re-energize.

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