Saturday, April 5, 2008

not quite brave enough....

on the return journey back to the states from paris, VF and i spent a few hours wandering and lazing about the frankfurt airport. we did a lot of scouting for power plugs, wandering aimlessly about.... trying to figure out german logic behind the airport's inconsistent signs, and of course, snacking on chocolate, sausage, and fries.

in between the eating and the wandering, one of the places i explored was this store called "the caviar house". normally, i don't go into these sorts of stores as i am a bit neutral (i.e., don't love it & don't hate it) when it comes to caviar. yet, i wanted to grab some beverages and the caviar house was the nearest foodstuff place to where VF and i were squatting at the time. we had found a power plug and weren't planning to move from that spot for at least a couple of hours.

so i grabbed a couple of bottles of water (sparkling for me and still for VF) at the caviar house and decided to do some browsing. i mean, why not? we had about 5 hours to kill before our flight back to SFO began to board. i was quite surprised to see an extensive selection of chocolate. naturally, i bought some. i bought a dark chocolate ginger bar for VF, a dark chocolate black pepper bar for moi (which was pretty good),

and the third bar...i had to buy just because i have never seen anything like it.....have you?

yup, it is really a white chocolate bar flavored with coconut, curry, and bananas.

my instant thought when i saw it was WTF? then i thought, i have to buy it because no one back home would really believe me. it was also less than two euro so it wasn't crazy expensive.

i have yet to open it. i'm not certain that i am brave enough to try it. yet, it makes for a great conversation piece.

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