Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary,"

there's a lot of sudden tapping going on in my office but it isn't a raven. of this i am certain. the tapping is definitely my fingers flying on the keyboard as i have been trying to make progress on a few work projects. as it is almost 1am, i thought, "hey, time to take a break, wind down, and go to bed." hmmmmmm....i suppose it isn't too surprising that looking through some of my foodie pictures would be my winding down option. someday, i may surprise you. sometimes i actually like winding down by reading cookbooks (BIG SHOCK) and comic books (maybe a teeny-shock?). i found a copy of joss whedon's fray collection of issues 1-8 at Comic Relief (yay). but i haven't started it yet (not-yay). i don't think starting a new comic book is a good option for me this evening. i may not go to bed at all. sigh.

yet, foodie pictures are a always a good option... i mean, how could you not smile when you see something like this

of course it is a burger...what were you expecting me to be craving at 1am? an apple?

apple vs burger. apple vs burger. hmmmm. yup, apple wins. NOT.

hhhhmmmmm. burger.....yummy.....

i wish i could have one an oscar's burger right now. but alas, oscar's is closed at the moment. as you can see, oscar's doesn't do fancy burgers. while i absolutely think that fancy burgers have their place in this world.... i know i wouldn't be missing and sobbing over a fancy burger if i didn't live in the states anymore...if i'm going to get that worked up about something like that ...it would have to be an old fashioned burger, grilled over open flame with just the basics. you really can't miss oscar's if you are visiting berkeley. its decor kind of stands out...

not to mention the smoky sign.

ya see what i mean? it is probably one of the most un-berkeley berkeley places. especially when you consider that the raw food joint is right down the street.

well, dear friends, as edgar allen poe was one of my favorites when i was 10 years old...i'll say goodnight with a few words from another favorite during that time:

"For the sword outwears its sheath,
And the soul outwears the breast,
And the heart must pause to breathe,
And love itself have rest."

in this case, it is all about the food love. btw: i'll buy a burger at oscar's for the first friend to tell me in-person who wrote it....there is a caveat... if you google it...you are totally disqualified.


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