Friday, April 18, 2008

the perfect break at the berkeley farmers' market

i paid a visit to the berkeley farmer's market yesterday. it was a heavenly experience. i arrived at the market at 3:05pm and was back inside my place by 3:25pm. i consider that to be an absolutely perfect trip. things have been a bit busy this week with work and it was actually nice to take a break... what a novelty, no? actually walking outside during the day.

i'm usually pretty good about leaving my place once a day to take a break from work... yet the past few days i had been feeling very vampire-ish and unlike vampires and those pale isolated souls that willingly live in SF's sunset district...i really do enjoy feeling the rays of the sun tickle my skin.

in the time that some people take a smoke break, i was able to grab some kale, green garlic, and parsley from Happy Boy Farms,

a strawberry and rhubarb crostata from frog hollow

strawberries from Lucero Organic Farms

take a few foodie porn shots from Happy Boy

and the Riverdog

stalls for my collection. the entire trip only took 20 minutes! sigh. it is times like this that i feel very fortunate to live in the gourmet ghetto.

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