Wednesday, April 23, 2008

stuck on the crazy bus

i hate being late.

i hate it. i hate it. i hate it.

in college i was always the one that had the paper done a couple of weeks in advance. workwise, i'm the type that will show up to an appointment early or have the preso done early. in a previous work life when i was calling on engineers at apple, sun, and google (btw i loooved going to google ...for the food!!! i mean really, duck for lunch! snacks on every you notice how the snacks get progressively more unhealthy the higher the floor? hmmmm, i digress) i'd show up so early for appointments that i'd usually get seriously eye-balled by the security staff/reception/building front desk people.... so being late is a not a normal occurrence for me.

and boy oh boy ...due to various public transportation mishaps i was very late on tuesday. this was not a good thing.

an exec was visiting from the chicago office and had summoned me to the soon-to-be-shutdown-SF-office. so hence me venturing out of the comforts of my home office for the past couple of days. i usually don't mind these sort of summons, i typically get nice free lunches out of the when i boarded the 9 (aka the crazy bus) for my final leg to the office... i was trying to distract myself with thinking of where we'd being going to lunch. it worked for a couple of stops, then one of the aforementioned crazies boarded the 9.

this one was a doozie. judging from from the smells emanating from his being and the amount of passengers that were using their coats or scarves as face masks, he was also a boozie. he, naturally, had to stop about 4 inches in front of me. thankfully, he focused his attention on two people sitting across the way. i kept a close eye on his wavering and stomping. i also tried to pretend i was deaf to his yelling about almost being killed by hell's angels or being aroused by various women on the bus. this is my PG translation of what he said. i don't really don't want to turn my blog into an X-rated destination. the 9 doesn't allow for much personal space under normal circumstances and when the line is 45+ min behind...well..let's just say it was crowded. there was NO way i was getting off the 9 at this point...i was already late and who knows when the next one would come. now, for those of you who are not familiar with the 9, this is the 9 that goes by the psych ward and you get a lot of people who either a) forget or b) run out of their meds on the 9.

i can hear the question now.... why o' why do you take the crazy bus? well, the options are the crazy bus or the crack bus. enough said don't you think? part of me thinks that when the corporate folks from our chicago, boston, dublin, and chic-chic SF (sister division has an office at bush and pine) offices saw the location for this office they must have said "oh, hell no!"...this reaction was probably solidified when they saw the multiple police reports (from the various break-ins) immortalized in the award case by the front door. engineers have a wicked sense of humor, don't they?

anyway, so i finally get to the office and get settled in. yes, the exec takes me to lunch at couleur cafe. i had the burger. no, this is not blasphemous by any means. i know, "how could you go to a french place and order the burger?" this place does a very good fancy burger...the meat is served on a soft roll of bread (almost like a ciabatta ...yes i know ciabatta is an italian style bread) with a garlic aoili. no, i didn't take any pictures. i mean, that would be really odd to whip out the camera during a business lunch with an exec, don't you think? please remember, that i still have a job after the shutdown and i'd like to keep it that way.

i did however, take a picture or two when i met BF for dinner later in the evening. i always love seeing BF as he is one of my favorite people and given the size of his x-mas parties, i don't think i'm the only one that feels this way. after BF picked me up in his fancy car that parks itself, we went to his local indian food place.

BF ordered his usual, murag makhni (butter chicken)

and i ordered the same well as a cup of chai

we had quite a bit for leftovers which BF insisted that i take complaints from me. it worked out very nicely as i ended up having the leftovers for lunch today. i do love leftovers.....makes things oh-so-easy.

oddly enough, after eating the leftovers for lunch, i feel an urge to visit one of my fave indian places.... that being Vik's or Ajanta. maybe i'll pay one of them a visit in the next week or so.

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