Monday, April 21, 2008

what's going on?

there is something going on. i'm not quite sure what it is...i just know that there IS something going on.

this morning, the contractors continued to work on the rather large hole in the bathroom wall. i was studiously trying to ignore the noise as i worked on some research from my laptop in the dining area. then, suddenly, there was silence. i went to go check it out and guess what?

yup, no more toilet. no one said anything about taking out the toilet.

well, i got a new toilet. i guess that is not such a bad thing.

admittedly this is odd but it isn't the weirdness i am talking about. while the contractors were installing a new toilet in my apartment, i left to go meet MP for a bit of lunch. on the way to her office on 4th street i stopped off at the bank to withdraw $20. the denomination is important here. i usually don't go around telling people how much money i withdraw from an atm.

imagine my surprise dear friends when the bank atm machine gave me $40. as i was checking my bank receipt, the machine whirled out another $20 bill. i checked my receipt again...yup, the receipt said $20 withdrawn from this transaction. then you know what happened? another $20 bill whirled out. then the money dispenser closed. so, here i was with $80 when i only asked for $20.

so i went inside the bank and found one of the banker people wandering about. i told her what happened and handed her the $60. the look on her face was quite priceless.

she seemed a bit stunned.

then said, "thank you....well...for being so honest." my response, "i think you better do something about the machine, it is probably broken."

i think she realized the implications of a bank atm machine that was spitting out extra cash with no accurate records and scurried off very quickly to the back of the bank. i took that as my cue to exit...last thing i wanted to do was fill out some paperwork or something. i didn't want to be late for lunch. priorities people! btw, yes, i have checked my account online to make sure i wasn't charged $80 for that withdrawal ("honest", yes. stupid, no.) i figure, if that happened, i'd go to the bank tomorrow and tell them what happened. it is just a hunch, but i have a feeling they'd remember me.

i am really hoping that no more weird things happen to me for a least not for a week or so.

lunch was, thankfully, not weird and very nice. i always look forward to lunch with MP and after meeting her at her office we trotted off to have lunch at tacubaya.

i like tacubaya quite a bit. MP was very firm about treating me to lunch and i decided not to argue. it must have been left over fatigue from the strange occurrences the last couple of days. or it might have been MP's tone of voice when she definitively said "no" to my attempts at putting the $20 bill down on the counter. i know that tone very well. sometimes it takes one to know one.

MP ordered her usual (chile relleno de verduras) and a side of frijoles negros. i've had her usual before and it is very yummy. here is the description from the menu "a battered and fried poblano chile stuffed with cheese, crimini mushrooms, herbs and grilled scallions. Served with crema, a light tomato salsa and a side of tortillas."

i ordered the tamal de verduras (yum yum) and a side of plantains. here is the description from the menu "white bean & rajas cheese tamale, steamed in a banana leaf and topped with salsa de puya, crema and cliantro".

then after some much needed catching up... we walked through the doorway that connects tacubaya and the pasta shop

leaving my tummy, quite content.

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