Friday, May 9, 2008

[15:03] boss: next week will be worse. much worse.

this week wasn't a lot of fun work wise. i had quite a few moments this week where i was rushing for the chocolate and cooking to detox from incredulous conference calls (i've only told you about one btw...there were more). i'm a bit worn down from the week and have mixed feelings about hopping on the plane to chicago on monday.

on the positive side of things, i am looking forward to seeing my boss. i like my boss. what is not to like? super smart (you smart that they could be really really really evil if they wanted), funny, straight forward, etc. we get along great.

during an IM conversation with my boss around 5pm central time, i was encouraging them to take off as it has been a tough week. naturally, this was the response from my boss in IM

[15:03] boss: next week will be worse
[15:03] boss: much worse.

this is one of the reasons why i like my boss...why bother to BS? plus we both know the reasons why next week is going to be worse...and it doesn't have to do with either of us. those reasons are why i'm not really looking forward to being on that plane.

after the boss logged off of IM, i realized that i hadn't taken a lunch break yet. so i decided to go to two of my favorite places in berkeley (comic relief and other change of hobbit) before i grabbed some lunch.
after some medicinal browsing, i stopped off at a noodle place next door for a quick lunch. the folks are usually really nice to me. the times i have been here are usually "off times" it isn't too busy. definitely one of the benefits of working from home. i've tried a couple of things at this place, but the dish i like the most here is the duck noodle soup with egg noodles.

while i was waiting for my soup to arrive...the waiter delivered my thai iced tea

and in record time, my soup arrived shortly there after....

and then i piled on the various dried chili flakes and pickled chilies

as i was enjoying my late lunch, i started hearing these guttural noises coming from a couple at a nearby table. the table was inhabited my one male and another being of indeterminate gender with a bad mullet. no, i am not being discriminatory or mean here...i really have no idea what gender the other person is. plus i had more interesting things (like eating my soup) to think about. well, that is until i heard noises that sounded suspiciously like a conversation in klingon. i paused for a moment and thought "is that really klingon? i haven't heard that in a long time." then i shrugged to myself and continued to eat my soup.

for those of you who haven't spent much time in is "the land of the different". two people having a conversation in klingon in a local thai restaurant is pretty minor. this is a place where a tall wiry man in a pink spandex body suit with a pom pom hat can ride around on a uni-cycle and barely anyone blinks an eyelash. he was aptly named "the pink man" of course.

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