Saturday, May 10, 2008

asian pear, blackberry & lavender conserve

i so love trying new things. i came across the gabriel farm stall for the first time at last saturday's berkeley farmers' market. i had just picked up a couple of half pounds of blue bottle beans for AC and then i noticed gabriel's stall. what caught my eye were the organic asian pear conserves (never seen that before) and the fact that they were sampling them! one of the conserves gabriel's was sampling was the asian pear, blackberry & lavender conserve. i enjoyed it quite a bit. so naturally, i bought it.

i'm very glad that i did as i ran out of my frog hollow farm peach conserve

and i didn't feel like making my own conserve this morning. yet, i was definitely getting a hankering for a breakfast of conserves and crème fraîche on a toasted acme baguette.

so, first i toasted a split section of a

then added the conserves

then topped it with the crème fraîche.

the conserve is a nice melding of flavors. the lavender is subtle so it doesn't over power the blackberry flavors and the tender cubes of asian pear. then....when you add the creaminess of the crème fraîche, it makes for a wonderful pairing. ahhh dessert for breakfast...what a nice way to start a day.

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