Tuesday, May 6, 2008

cooking to detox

"we thought that because your slides looked so much better than ours, we'd just give you our slides to do as well."

or how about

"if i can't figure it out by friday, i'll give it to you to work on over the weekend."

such priceless gems are not fiction, but rather some quotes pulled from the meeting that i was dreading this morning. you know, these gems might have been funny, if there wasn't some truth to them.

i think you can see why agave sweetened chocolate pudding wasn't going to be fortifying enough for this particular meeting. this is where different work styles obviously come into play. me...knowing what the deadlines are and knowing that this is a preso for the exec team next week (and i would be spending most of monday traveling), worked late, didn't take too many breaks, and scheduled work accordingly. other folks, well...let's just say i don't think they started their slides until yesterday. i don't know for certain, but i have a very strong feeling about this. the meeting today was filled with paranoia (not mine) about how this was going to be done in time.

did i happen to mention that my part is done?

i was very glad to get off that conference call. i was even more glad that i didn't have to attend that call in-person. there are some definite benefits to working from home. as soon as that call was over, i decided that it would be a good time to take a break, detox from the call, and cook some food.

i decided to roast some organic mushrooms (trumpet royale, forest nameko,
alba clamshell, and brown clamshell) from gourmet mushrooms inc. i think they are grown in sebastopol, ca.

i don't recall having these mushrooms before so i decided to go ahead and season them with just salt and kalamata olive oil. i put them in the oven at 400 degrees. the plan is to have them for dinner later...perhaps with some bread or mixed with some pasta. i haven't decided yet.

this is what they look like roasted

i also decided to make myself a quick spicy egg drop noodle soup for lunch. i made a broth with garlic, green onion, soy sauce, nuoc mam, sriracha, and cayenne pepper. once that was boiling away, i added an egg and mixed it quickly. once the egg was fully cooked, i added some fresh egg noodles. i let it sit until it started to boil again.

while this was going on, i looked in my fridge to see what else i could add. i saw that i had some pressed tofu cubes marinating (broad bean paste, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sichuan pepper, red chili, etc.). hmmm. why not?

so i grabbed that and added a few cubes to the pot...i put the rest back in the fridge. i'll fry that up later in the week.

then i added a bunch of veggies that i happen to have in the fridge....

as you can see, i added some spinach, broccoli crowns, asparagus, and ca shiitake mushrooms this time. often, i'll just add what looks good.

the result was a pretty hearty and spicy soup.

the cooking definitely helped with my need to step away and detox from that call. i was able to channel some of my annoyance into doing something productive....instead of saying a few choice things that probably would have gotten me reprimanded, or fired.

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Bob Engel said...

Thanks for the engaging report and for using our mushrooms. Yes, Gourmet Mushrooms, inc. grows organically in Sebastopol, CA - and our mushrooms are available in Whole Foods and other stores under the MYCOPIA brand. -- My two cents: If you haven't tried garam masala with your roasted mushrooms, you're in for a treat.