Wednesday, May 28, 2008

craving bombolini

i should really be going to bed soon. i've been working on a project that i'm trying to wrap up before i leave my current last day is the 3rd. yet, here i am, in the wee hours of the morning craving a bombolini. i first heard about bombolini from DB. while i usually go to frog hollow in the sf ferry building for my pastry fix, DB was all about the bombolini.

i didn't understand why until earlier this week.

on monday, DC and i met up to do some eating, shopping, and more eating. we stopped by both frog hollow and boriana's (the wine bar and tuscan foodstuff place that sells the

DC went for the chocolate filled and i went for the custard......after one bite...(i can still remember even a day or so later) i said "hmmmmmm. donut. hmmmmmmm. chic-chic donut. hmmmmmm. good donut." now, those are some big shoes to fill...especially at this time in the morning. sigh.

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Victoria said...

I just ate a beignet. But those look good too. Yum. I want the nutella-filled one.