Thursday, May 15, 2008

culver's: the junk food bonanza begins..

"what? are you a japanese tourist or something?" asks my boss affectionately... as they watch me stand or kneel on seats in order to get better shots of food. i think the boss is pretty familiar with the japanese considering that they lived in japan for a few years. i just smirked and said "well, why not? i'll just pretend. i better get shots of this stuff while i still can." well, i wanted to document some of the food i've eaten out here, especially since i don't see it in the sf bay area.

culver's is definitely one of those places that we don't see in the sf bay area. it is a fast-food chain that was originally based in wisconsin and they carry a few things that i've never seen in the sf bay area: butterburgers, frozen custard, and fried cheese curds. i've been through the drive through at culver's quite a few times because the folks in the chicago office like to make frozen custard runs. yet, this week, i decided to try one of the butterburgers and the cheese curds. well, and to be safe, i also ordered some onion rings in case i didn't like the curds. must have a contingency plan!

the cheese curds were interesting...kinda like mozzarella sticks except the cheese curds are more bouncy and is like they are squeaking or something. the burger was pretty good....i wouldn't say that it is as good as in-and-out or oscar's back home....(i fully acknowledge my west-coat bias) but then again, the butterburger is 1000 times better then mickey d's.

of course, i had to finish out the meal with frozen custard.......

which is a scoop of maple frozen custard and crushed pecans. it was their "flavor of the day". sooooo yummy. i definitely vote for a frozen custard place in the sf bay area.

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