Thursday, May 29, 2008

fire. WTF. I mean, really, now fire?

you know, it wasn't all that long ago when i was awakened at 5:30am to a broken pipe and major water damage. it also wasn't that long ago that my internal moral fiber was tested by a wacky atm. so what happened today?


you know, it all started like a typical day. i had been up and working since about 6:45am as my first conference call started at 7:30am. then at about 10:30am the meetings died down a bit so i thought i'd hop into the shower real quick. about two minutes into the wash, i started smelling smoke...this was quickly followed by my building manager yelling "Fire. Everyone out of the building! Fire." now, gotta give credit to the building manger who is typically a real quiet kind of guy. big guy, but still real quiet sort. he banged on every door and used his pass key to make sure each resident was notified. no one was hurt.

so, i there i was, a few minutes later, bare feet...standing outside of my building in my damp PJs looking up at smoke flying out of it. at that moment, i was feeling nothing but fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. there were three fire trucks and a few police vehicles that were blocking the street to any traffic. stern faced firefighters were moving in synch like a well practiced was all very surreal. was i watching someone else's life?

details were shared among the would appear that one of the residents had the bright idea of smoking while using cleaning solvents. i know i live in berkeley and all, but this particular resident was not a young student. he was an adult and has lived enough scores to have absolutely positively known better. a moment of thoughtlessness and selfishness that could have cost many people their homes, mementos, and maybe their health.

after a while we were all allowed back into the building. my unit, for which i am very thankful, was untouched. yet, i was very cognizant of what i might have lost. to mark the occasion, i took a photo of the fire trucks as they were packing up.

at the urging of my soon to be ex-boss but always a friend, i decided to take a break and get outside. i pretty much just walked around downtown and really looked at things, including flowers growing in random places.

i really wasn't hungry. odd isn't it? for the foodie hunter who seems to be always munching on not be hungry. however, by this point, it was well into the afternoon and i hadn't eaten anything all day. as i walked back to my place, i found myself drawn to oscar's. i decided to stop into oscar's for a bit of comfort in a form of a bacon cheeseburger with fries.

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