Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fresh mangosteen

unfortunately, i haven't had the opportunity to travel to southeast asia yet. so, until very recently, i had only tried canned mangosteens. as fresh mangosteens are slowly making their way into stores, i was thrilled to be able to grab a couple of pounds. i absolutely wanted to discover what fresh ones tasted like.

right away you can feel how the purple vermilion skins are very hard...almost like touching an outside of a nut or smooth tree bark. if you shake one you can also hear and feel the fruit inside moving about.

using a knife, i carefully cut around the circumference...making certain that i didn't cut too deep as that would cut into the fruit. then, i peeled the top half away...

as you can see, the ivory fruit is divided into segments...much like an orange. the consistency of the fruit is similar to lychee or a super duper ripe mango. it is slippery. the flavor is subtle...sweet with a slightly tart finish....and pretty tasty. i have heard some folks describe them as "custard-y", but i don't really find that to be the case.


Anonymous said...

Foodie Hunter, are you in the Bay Area, and if so, which market did you find Fresh Mangosteens at? Thanks.

foodie hunter said...

yup, i'm in the bay area. i found fresh mangosteens at cholon moi market and khanh phong super market in oakland's chinatown. i've posted some pictures of the stores and more info here: http://foodiehunter.blogspot.com/2008/05/fresh-mangosteens-in-oaklands-chinatown.html

foodie hunter said...

hmmm. the link was cut off. one more try: