Thursday, May 29, 2008

fresh mangosteens in oakland's chinatown...

i received an inquiry today about where i purchased the fresh mangosteens i blogged about a few days ago. i thought i'd go ahead and share this with everyone.

i have found mangosteens at two places in oakland's chinatown: cholon moi market and khanh phong super market.

cholon moi market located at 378 8th street (near webster). when you step inside the market, they are right by the cash registers....well, at least that is where they have been the last couple of times i went to cholon moi. here is a picture of the storefront:

khanh phong super market is located at 429 9th street between broadway and franklin. here is a picture of the store front:

the mangosteens are typically outside by the front door. in the picture below...the mangosteens are located just below the bundles of water spinach.

well, good luck. happy hunting!

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