Tuesday, May 6, 2008

fried egg sandwich with roasted mushrooms

ahhhh mushrooms. yum. yum. i think everyone knows how much i love mushrooms. i don't exactly keep this love a secret.

as i mentioned earlier today, i roasted some mushrooms (
trumpet royale, forest nameko, alba clamshell, and brown clamshell) but i hadn't figured out what to do with them.

then as dinner time quickly approached and i could feel my stomach beginning to rumble, i thought..."hmmm, i'd better work this out soon." yes, i am ruled by my tummy and am quite happy about it.

since this was dinner, i wanted to do something more substantial than my usual roasted mushrooms and garlic on upstairs bread or similar variation. then, i thought, what are some typically good pairings??? then inspiration it hit me.

mushrooms and eggs.

well, i actually thought of truffles and eggs. however, my economic circumstances aren't to the point where i can enjoy truffles and eggs whenever i please...but i hoped that other kinds of mushrooms would be yummy with eggs.

so i went to the kitchen and decided to fry an egg (jumbo, brown, cage free, no antibiotics) in brown butter (plugra of course) with a sprinkle of shredded parmesan cheese. i wanted the yolk to be soft, so i did a "medium" over easy egg.

i cut two slices of acme's pain au levain bread...and put some mayo on both of the slices. then i slid the fried egg on one slice of the bread and a layer of reheated roasted mushrooms on the other slice. i sprinkled a bit more of shredded parmesan on top of the egg and mushrooms. then i smacked both slices together and cut it quickly with a knife.

voilà c'est fini. it wasn't a truffle and egg sandwich...but it was sooooo goood. the tummy was definitely satisfied. why didn't i think of this earlier? well, better late then never!

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Victoria said...

Thilly mushroom lover.