Thursday, May 8, 2008

au revoir my little artichokes

last night, BF and i had dinner at his neighborhood pasta place. as always, it was great to catch up and grab something to eat in his 'hood. BF ordered the meat tortellini in a cream sauce with ham and peas (at least i think it had was a special) and i ordered the penne alla vodka (...hmmmm pancetta....all of that fatty salty goodness. me love pancetta.) one of the great things about ordering pasta for dinner is that it still tastes great the next day for lunch. now, ya know i love my leftovers ...yet, there is something about dishes cooked with dried pasta in heavy sauces that seems to taste even better the next day and today was no exception....

well, unfortunately, after eating my leftover pasta...i was still hungry. i suppose that really isn't a shock. last night, BF mentioned how he was surprised that i wasn't 800 pounds given the way i eat. i wasn't really taken aback by this comment. this is something he has shared with me multiple times over the years. not to mention, my colleagues in the chicago office also say variations of this sentiment as well...but i think they just say that because the chicago folks always seem to be on some kind of fad diet. me no like diets.

anyway, i was still hungry, but i didn't want to eat any thing that would be too heavy and put me into a post-lunch i decided to make baby artichokes. i hadn't made them before and my local market was having a great special on these california grown chokes.

aren't they cute? i gave them a good wash and cut the tops off to help speed up the cooking processes...oddly enough, i don't usually do this...but i just felt like it today....

then i just boiled them. good and easy is my mantra remember? especially during lunch time.

you know, as i started eating them...i began to remember why i didn't buy them before....

it's a lot of work for a teeny choke.

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Victoria said...

Try the Elizabeth David version of baby artis:
1/3 olive oil, 1/3 white wine, 1/3 water. Add whatever amount you need until they are at least half-way submerged.

Cook until done.

Better than plain steaming.