Thursday, May 29, 2008

ichigo daikuku

despite my interesting experience with a mugwort pastry a few weeks ago, when i came across this package in a local market, i decided to buy it and try it...without (gasp!) looking it up first. i pretty much thought that this would be a safe bet because, well, it has a picture of a strawberry on the front.

of course, my expectations were that there would be red bean paste inside. sometimes, i really gotta learn to stow those expectations.

it wasn't until after i took a bite that i realized that there wasn't a red bean anywhere near this little mochi sweet.

it appears that there is a mochi outside, followed by a layer of marshmallow (yup i said marshmallow), with a center of completely artificially candy-like strawberry gel-paste. i turned the package over to take a better look at what the name of these little things are....

interestingly enough, the package reads ichigo daikuku....and not ichigo daifuku. well, that explains a lot. there isn't red bean paste because there isn't suppose to be red bean paste. well, duh. a bit belatedly i also decided to look at the ingredients. well gee, what a surprise... no mention of "red bean" anywhere on the ingredients list. yet, two ingredients seemed to particularly stand out: agar agar and strawberry powder. this too, is quite elucidating (i.e., artificial strawberry gel-paste).

despite the artificial flavor, these things are pretty good. soft, chewy, sweet and slightly tart. i think that i'm actually a fan.

i think these sweets are more in the "candy" category. i will eat definitely them accordingly....and with the proper expectations.

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