Friday, May 30, 2008

the last picnic

well, today was shutdown-the-sf-office-day. i didn't go in as i cleaned out all of my stuff last week. i did go to the picnic in golden gate park though. it was a gathering of those who had worked at this office at some point in its history. in true typical golden gate was freaking cold and overcast. i didn't want to take any pictures as that would mean taking my hands out of my pockets. i grabbed a ride to and from the event from BF. yet, once BF dropped me off in front of an entrance to embarcadero, i decided to make a little detour.

i decided that i wanted that wickedly good chic-chic donut. the bombolini. you know, the one that i've been craving for a couple of days now. i think that after the drama that has been going on recently, eating one of these donuts seemed like a really good idea.

you know, it went from being a good idea to an excellent idea when i decided to buy not one, but two donuts...just for my greedy little self.

one raspberry filled and one custard filled.

one to eat now

and the other to eat later.

sometimes it is good to think ahead and be a planner.

then i decided to head for another favorite location, stacey's. this is my favorite downtown sf bookstore. it never fails, when i walk in...i feel instantly calm. it relaxes me. it comforts me. i walk through the aisles thinking and wondering about all of the stories, ideas, voices, people, and legacies within the pages of these bound spines....realizing that here lies, in one place, more knowledge than i can ever hope to acquire...more stories than i could ever hope to discover...and, oddly enough, that feels very comforting. it is like being wrapped in a super soft cashmere blanket.

stacey's also has a wonderful selection of books on and about food....which is a credit to whomever their food buyer is.

the food writing section is particularly extensive.

as it looks like there will be a strong chance that i will be going to the uk for 10 days very soon, i decided to pick up a few books for the trip...

as i was leaving stacey's and getting onto bart, i kept thinking....this was just want i needed. donuts and books.

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