Sunday, May 4, 2008

latin surprises at walk ms

this morning we participated in walk ms. like many fundraisers where loved ones are affected, the emotions involved with such an event are complicated.

there is obviously a sense of community at such events. there are times when you feel your heart drop to the floor when you see people walking in the memory of a loved one. how could it not? yet, there are also times of laughter when you see a team whose slogan is "got myelin?" ..or when you commiserate with others when strategizing about the best way to avoid hordes of young women with greek symbols on their ass, say "like" every other word in their high pitched chittering, and oddly enough, where even the
chittering statements are spoken like questions. note: the best strategies appear to walk faster to gain more distance or insist that a member of the team tie their shoes until the approaching horde passes by.

we also found that there there is a need for strategies and tactics when it comes to food at such events. there always seems to be when free food is involved. we arrived early enough to obtain great parking karma and also get first crack at the food being offered for breakfast. this was a good idea, as we were able to grab a couple of the limited amount of latin pastries being offered. these pastries weren't super sweet, yet they were good and filling.

the one shaped like a crescent, was crumbly with a small amount of sweetened egg paste for a filling

the one square one was a fluffy bread (almost like a hawaiian bread but not as sweet) with a custard filing.

i really wasn't expecting very much in terms of food and actually brought quite a few lara bars and sanko tusubo goma with me. yet, it was nice to get a treat when you least expected it.

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