Saturday, May 10, 2008

little fishies 'em or hate 'em

my first experience with folks that really abhor anchovies was when i was a youthful adolescent working at a pizza parlor/bar. a couple of the older guys (by older, they were like, 15 1/2 years old at the most) used to make a huge drama out of putting anchovies on a was as if they were testing their would-be manliness.

i was never included in this particular rite of passage...probably because i didn't see what the big deal this age, i was already scaling, gutting, and beheading much larger fish...for really, what was the big deal about taking small fillets out of a can and putting them on a pizza? at that age, i was a lot more undiplomatic and probably said something along the lines of "you guys are really stupid." ...which isn't exactly conducive to team dynamics. ahhh youth.

well, the rite of passage was quite a ceremony to watch. first, there was the discussion about who would do it. this took at least 10 minutes of negotiating. then came the plastic bags. 4 plastic bags per hand. i kid you not. then another guy (making faces of imaginary pain) would open the anchovies container while the guy with the plastic bound hands would reach in, grab a single fillet at a time and then place them on a pizza. didn't matter who the guy was... they each acted as if they were handling plutonium.

i don't know about you, but for me, food memories pop up when i least expect it. i hadn't thought about that memory in a long time....and i've eaten hundreds of anchovies since then. i was a bit taken aback when it resurfaced while i was making a white anchovy tapas today. i absolutely adore
the canapé de boquerones at cesar's...i think it is my favorite dish there...and i use that dish as inspiration when i make it at home.

first, i start out with toasting thin slices of acme's pain au levain. once the slices are slightly crunchy, i take a clove of garlic and rub all it all over the slices....

then i spread a layer of organic mayo

and add some pickled white anchovies that i've rinsed. yes, i used my hands...sans the plastic. for this kind of tapas, i absolutely prefer the white fillets over the brown ones. if you are curious about the brand i get, here is a quick shot of the package

then i add a bit of chopped flat leaf parsley on top for a bit of color.....

psssst. you can click on the above image to a larger image.... isn't it beautiful? i love this dish because you get the salty tartness of the succulent fish melded with the creaminess of the mayo and a bite of the garlic. hmmmmm. goooood.

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