Friday, May 9, 2008

ojai pixie tangerines

the other day i was in my local market browsing through the citrus section and i came across these nubby tangerines that are pretty heavy for their size and are about 2-3 inches in diameter. as i have mentioned in a couple of previous postings, i adore munching on citrus for snacks and making i'm always up for trying a new citrus. i had never seen or heard of ojai pixie tangerines before, so i bought two.

i recently had one as a snack and immediately wished i had bought more.
they are seedless, sweet, and very easy to peel.

i was pretty curious about why i've never heard of them before (especially having grown up in california and i have heard of ojai). i did a search online and came across a site that talks about the pixie and a group of pixie growers. it looks like they even sell them out of state.

from now on, i'll add this to my citrus "yummy buy" list along with golden nuggets, murcotts, and minneola tangelos. hmmm. so little time and so many things to try!

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