Wednesday, May 14, 2008

saying goodbye?

i’m in the chicago office at the moment…taking a breather. i have to remind myself to breathe. i just got out of a meeting where i was bowled over by the lack of competence of certain individuals. my boss and i looked at each other at the end of the meeting…and i said “i’m speechless.” my boss knew exactly what i was referring to and they just shook their head sadly.

tomorrow morning is the preso to the exec team and there are folks who aren’t ready. my boss and i are ready. these folks who aren’t ready are also not the kind of folks that can pull something together 5 minutes before the meeting starts and still look great…nor are these folks the type that can have crappy slides and be easily forgiven because they are amazing presenters. these folks are going to crappily present crappy slides. this is not good.

at this point, it just makes me sad. no longer angry. just sad.

i received a verbal offer for a new job yesterday. a former president of a company that i worked for is now at a new company…and he wanted to see if i would be interested in a new opportunity. i’m always open to listening to new opportunities….why close the door before you know what is on the other side? anyway, the opportunity sounds quite challenging and exciting….and now i’m just awaiting the formal offer letter.

i’ve told two of my friends and colleagues here in this chicago suburb and last night we went to dinner at big bowl.

there aren’t a lot of options in this suburb…yet, i think this is one of the better chains here. we had some peanut noodles, pot stickers, thai influenced curries, and pad thai. they also serve a home made ginger ale that is interesting.

the dinner was bittersweet. while i am excited about this new opportunity, i am also sad. i have a tremendous amount of respect for these two people and will miss them dearly…and while we were having dinner…i felt like i missed them already. we all knew that the dinner was a form of saying good bye. sometimes it really doesn't matter what you are eating or where you are eating it...sometimes all what really matters is who you are eating with. this was definitely one of those times. we stayed at our table at this place for three hours…just talking and eating…and talking some more. it isn’t good bye forever as we will stay in touch…yet, it is still a good bye and not an easy one.

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