Thursday, May 22, 2008

bittersweet revelations: zesty mangosteen tangelo compote with sponge cake

so i woke up sad this morning.

yesterday, i went to the sf office for the last time. although i hadn't worked regularly from that office since november, i still had a lot of stuff that i needed to ship to the chicago office before the official shut down. also, it was bittersweet because i gave my official notice earlier this week. it is interesting how quickly things can change. a few weeks ago, i was all set to continue in my current job as i was not professionally impacted by the sf office shut down...well, no more than cleaning out the desk i still had there.

yet, there i was yesterday, cleaning out the desk...thinking about change and how quickly it can come....when you are not looking for it...or when you least expect it.

for my last lunch in the office, cman and i decided to bring our lunch on the roof ...

and i wanted to take a shot of the view....

it was one of the hidden perks of the office.

i was actually very surprised to wake up sad this morning. toward the end of the year last year, i really disliked going into the office. it became too annoying to be around whiny people that did little work when i was busting my bum making deadlines. not everyone was whiny and did little work...but there were quite a few. so what did i do this morning? i did what i usually do when i'm trying to work out some internal emotional rumblings. i decided to cook...well, in this case, assemble a dish that reflected my internal thoughts and feelings.... something bittersweet and tart.

i perused my kitchen and pulled out a minneola tangelo, a fresh mangosteen, a lime, and a hunk of sponge cake that i bought recently at a chinese bakery.

i extracted some zest from the lime and tangelo

then peeled and sliced the tangelo

and scooped out the fresh mangosteen.....

and then cut the mangosteen segments in half to match the size of the tangelo segments. next, i sliced off a piece of the sponge cake and added some agave to the tangelo and lime zest....

and then assembled everything....

it fit my mood perfectly...and interestingly was kind of healing as well. maybe it helped that i was able to express what was going on internally...or maybe it was all of the sugars from the fruit, cake, and agave. either way, i did feel better after i made the dish and slowly savored it. every bite was slightly different. one bite would be the the punchy tart flavors of the tangelo only slightly tempered by the cake and agave. another bite would be the more subtle mangosteen underscored with agave and slightly bitter zest. although there were only a few ingredients, there was a lot of complexity going on. i think overall, it was quite appropriate.

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