Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ahhh, memories of mullets, cotton tops with walkers, and elvis....

so yesterday was my last day at the chicago/boston/dublin based company. i realized that i should not let that milestone go by completely unnoted as i had been with that company for over three years. i was doing a bit of reminiscing this morning....i suppose it is part of the closure process isn't it?...and i must admit that one of the most memorable food events of my stay with the company happened at a brewery in anahiem, ca.

there was a fairly large group of us there for a conference...and we were driving around attempting to find a place to eat in the surreal area. the surreal aspect of it all was also underscored by the fact that we were driving around in a white cadillac cts...with tinted windows no less...and for some inexplicable reason, the person in charge of the radio thought it would be very amusing to do karaoke rap with the radio...complete with head and hand gestures. at this point, if i could have crawled into the trunk, i probably would have. after about an hour or so of "cruising", we finally settled on the brewery.

i remember sending a drama-laced over-the-top email out to dear friends after this particularly memorable event with co-workers at the brewery was over. i've pasted it below as my form of marking my leaving of the company. i've also changed the names to protect the guilty (i.e., me) and the innocents (i.e., friends and loved ones) alike.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [foodie hunter]
Date: Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 9:33 PM
Subject: Mullets, Cotton Tops with Walkers, and Elvis....
To: [tosser], [VF], [SN], [JS], [BF], [CW], [DC]

Here I am, fried eyed with a bleary brain as I have been waking up around 6am to moderate focus groups and usability testing this weekend. Everything at this conference has been chaotic and disorganized. Yet, that is a different story. Tonight, it was about entering an alternate reality where there were mullets galore and a gyrating Elvis impersonator who was absolutely determined to seduce tips from the regulars that needed various contraptions (i.e., walkers, canes, etc.) to swing and wave to the epically loud music. The music naturally followed the karaoke style where the Elvis obtained inspiration from Tom Jones, the Rolling Stones, Chris de Burgh, and many, many more. My colleagues, in the spirit of having an adventure within an adventure, were absorbed in such riveting events like having "text sex" with wrong numbers on their cell phones.

I certainly hope that I have reached the denouement of this trade show adventure and look forward to being safely home with my L.

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