Sunday, June 8, 2008

beard papa...coming to berkeley...yippeeee

i was on telegraph earlier this afternoon as i wanted to drop into berkeley hat co (i lost a perfect "for-all-occasions-including-rain-hat" in frankfurt) and i saw a sign.

it was a sign that said "beard papa sweets cafe".

i'm so excited.

cream puffs! cream puffs in berkeley! absolutely yummy cream puffs!

i think i may actually go to telegraph on a regular basis when they move in. according to their web site, it will be opening in july. i kinda hope beard papa folks know what they are getting themselves into. i hate to see it shut down because of the location. telegraph seems to have an effect on businesses....they seem to get grimier and less pleasant. i would have thought they would have wanted to open in my neighborhood (i.e., the gourmet ghetto), the elmwood, or even rockridge. i'll keep everyone posted.

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