Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a curry in darween...

it is about 12:30ish am here.

i am tired, wired, and a teeny bit cranky.

i've just finished packing. i got a late start packing because i attended a business dinner with MR, right after work. we "went for a curry" as the brits like to say....and ended up in darween at a place called sukhi's. the folks there were very nice and i decided to ask MR if he would be offended if i took a picture of dinner...i felt perfectly comfortable asking him this because he isn't an executive....nor is he anywhere in my reporting structure. in other words, i had nothing to lose by asking him. i also promised that i wouldn't include him in the picture.

i had the balti lamb tikka done in the madras style as well as the bhindi (okra) baji.

for those in the states, i think you'll notice the table heaters right away. i think they take up an awful lot of table space. yet, it is an interesting concept isn't it?

anyway, here is closer shot of the food that i spooned onto my plate...

overall, my sense is that this place is as much as an "indian" food place as taquerias are mexican in the us.....in that i bet it was more of a uk place that takes inspiration from india. at some point, i think i would like to visit delhi, mumbai/bombay, and goa...and taste the food of those regions first hand. who knows? the company is looking at india as a market...so i may get a chance to visit at some point.

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