Friday, June 13, 2008

first week

it is saturday morning at 12:27am as i begin to write this reflection on my first week at the new company. being in northern england is being in a completely different world. the language may sound similar but the vernacular and expressions are quite different. i am reminded almost every minute that this is a different culture. yet, in many ways, i feel very comfortable here. i expect that i am prob more comfortable here than in certain areas of the southern u.s.

i've been in quite a few meetings since i walked into one of the four buildings that encompass the blackburn office. the new boss and i get on great...which is what i expected. i've been through some trainings on some of our products ....and just shook my head when one of the trainers decided to show me a video of naked men playing "football" (i.e., soccer). he thought that this would be the most effective and humorous way to showcase the video player function in one of the products. he constantly uses this video when training customers.

this was just one of those times where i was reminded that i am in england.

let me be clear here....i was not offended by any means.....i just know that showing such a video wouldn't go over very well with any human resources department based in the u.s. ...not at all. can you say "lawsuit"? hmmmm. i don't think the brits are as worried about that sort of thing.

overall, i am glad that my first week on the job has come to a close. once i returned to the dunk hotel this evening, i didn't feel like leaving so i just ordered room service. i just wanted to be sequestered and not really talk to anyone. i haven't had a lot of private or "down" time this week at all...which i know is something that i need an awful lot of.

the menu is pretty limited..which is not surprising. i am in northern england.

after glancing at the menu, i ordered a caesar salad with salmon.....

the cheese and biscuit plate for dessert.....(btw: can you find the butter among the cheese?)

and of course, a glass of red wine...

this is definitely what i needed to wind down from the week. i promptly crashed after eating and taking a few sips of the wine. yet, i think my body is still getting used to the time i woke up a few minutes ago...unable to go back to sleep.

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