Saturday, June 21, 2008

fizzies, crisps, and sweeties...

even within the states there are different terms for soda (i.e, of the corn syrup variety) or spritzers (i.e., of the fruit juice and sparkling water variety) i shouldn't have been surprised when i heard the term "fizzy" when i was in blackburn. in the blackburn area it seems that anything with bubbles was called a fizzy.i tried a few flavors of fizzies while i was in blackburn.....i had a coke or two (which tastes different in england for some reason...not as carbonated or not as much of a bite) as well as some fizzies that consisted of fruit juice and sparkling water. i had to look very closely at the labels as many of these kinds of drinks had aspartame in them. i am so not a fan of aspartame.

these were some of the fizzy flavors i bought at at one of the stores in blackburn and kept at the dunk.....

i think my fave of the bunch was the lychee.

i also wanted to show you some of the other "crisps" (i.e., chips), "sweeties" (i.e., candy), and various other snacks that i had squirreled away in my hotel room.

interestingly enough, when i brought snacks to the blackburn office, i raised a few eyebrows with the amount of snacking i did all day.

speaking of snacks and pantry goods....i wanted to show you a few more shots from blackburn market. see? it isn't over yet. this time, here are a few shots of dried food stuffs from one of the blackburn market vendors. you can click on any of them to see them better...

btw...the "spice jars" are chocolate and coffee bean wild is that?

now, these all of these shots are rather precious as the very young adolescent male vendor got a bit aggressive when he saw me taking pictures

yet, he calmed down when i told him that i was from the states and explained that we don't get a lot of this candy in the states.

in his extremely deep burr, he said "eh, you from 'merica? well, that's 'll 'ight then.dinna know what ye were about. n'ver seen f'lks takin' shots of me stuff."

in some ways, i did feel like i was an ambassador or something. no pressure or anything. i got the impression that most folks in the blackburn area don't see a lot of tourists from the states.

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