Wednesday, June 11, 2008

flying to manchester

where do i start?

i left my home around 6am on monday to take BART to SFO. once on the plane, the passengers were informed about a "mechanical error" and it would be fixed shortly. over two hours later, we leave SFO....which means...of course, that i missed my connection to manchester.

this is when it all began.

once i was at o'hare in chicago, the next few hours or so were spent on the phone with united customer service and waiting in line to see the in-person customer service rep. there were some issues at o'hare...apparently many flights were canceled or re-routed. because of this chaos, i ended up on a route that consisted of

  • chicago to boston (which would leave the next day)
  • boston to frankfurt
  • then finally, frankfurt to manchester
please note, that i asked for a multitude of alternative routes that would have been less complicated. yet, alas i was denied. of course, after two hours of standing in line to see the in-person united agent as i wanted to arrange getting my checked-in bag.....i was told that they wouldn't release it. i thought it was a bit odd when they asked me to provide a description of my bag. yet at this point, i was so tired and it was after 9pm.

so before i boarded the tuesday morning "chicago to boston" flight, i asked the united agent at the gate...."can you check to see if you have my bag?". what can i say? i was feeling a bit suspicious at why they wouldn't release my bag the evening before. the gate agent said that they had a record of my bag. then, in ignorant bliss, i started on my mini-tour of 5 airports.

many many many hours was now wednesday afternoon in the UK and i was waiting at the manchester airport baggage claim. sure enough, no bag. i wasn't really surprised. i went to the "global baggage solution" kiosk and it seems that they couldn't find a record of my bag anywhere.

fun times. fun times.

so let's just review the situation shall we?

over the past few days...i've officially started a new job (but didn't get there on time), had barely any sleep because i'm traveling to an unbearable amount of airports, have no clothes outside of the ones i have been wearing for the past 3+ days, and once i reach my final destination....i find that the airline has no idea where my bag is.

what a way to create an impression at a new job, eh?

i had been nursing scharffen berger chocolate to help me get through this whole ordeal. but alas, i've discovered that there are some things that not even chocolate can make better.

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