Thursday, June 12, 2008

full english breakfast...

things are beginning to look a little less dreary.

it is about 8am in the uk and i've just finished having breakfast at my hotel, the dunkenhalgh.

the breakfast service is run with great efficiency. when i arrived at the hotel restaurant, i was seated immediately. then was approached by one of the servers and asked if i would prefer tea or coffee and whether i would like my toast "white" or "brown". i indicated that i would like tea and brown toast (i assumed brown = wheat or well toasted).

while he went off to get my tea and toast...i was approached by another server who asked "will you be havin' a cooked breakfast luv?". i ordered the full english breakfast.....i said it had been that kind of trip so far. her response, "why not luv. we'll get this for ye." right after she left, a young man arrived with my brown toast and a pot of tea.

then what seemed to be a couple of minutes later, my breakfast arrived.... which included fried eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled mushrooms, a half of a tomato, baked beans, and black pudding.

as i was eating and drinking tea...i could feel myself approaching a state that was almost normal. perhaps this trip won't be such a huge disaster after all.

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