Saturday, June 14, 2008

i'm off to the blackburn market


after i wrote my last post...i actually stayed up until 5:30am to work on a presentation that is due on monday. i tried to go to bed, but alas, i just laid there...not sleeping until 7am. this is when i decided that i needed to leave the dunk...and thought, why not try the blackburn market? i can't work on this presentation all weekend. well, i could..but that would probably be a bad idea. i figured that i could go to blackburn market right before it opened in order to avoid the crowds. when ML took me shopping on the company on thursday morning (because the airline lost my luggage)...ML told me that the whole area gets mobbed during the weekend. hmmm....i sensed an opportunity deep inside my jet-lagged sleep-deprived self. so i called down to the front desk and ordered a taxi "pick up" for 8am.

while i was waiting for the taxi, i decided to take a couple of shots of the dunk.. for those of you who aren't aware.... i'm staying in a small castle. i don't think it is a proper castle...perhaps a mini-one. when the driver arrived to take me to blackburn market.....he did a teeny bit of a double-take when he saw me. interestingly enough, it was a similar double-take that the room service guy did when i opened the door last night. i don't think blackburn gets too many visiting foreigners...i was definitely able to figure that one out for myself ...especially when i experienced the opening of the blackburn market.

i wanted to warn you that there will be a couple of posts on the blackburn i took a lot of pictures i that i would like to share. i enjoyed myself this morning....i must admit that i was quite surprised that i did.

first up....the folks that were open the earliest were the butchers

and the fish mongers

there were also the folks that provided "cooked meats" (i.e., deli meats). there was one stall that was continuously had people waiting to buy stuff from them....i thought that was an excellent indication that i should visit that stall. here i was, walking around the market 20 min before official opening time and there were always people either in line or gathering around this stall.

i decided to get one of their pies for breakfast. i assumed that they probably had some kind of meat inside. while i was waiting in line, i just enjoyed watching the proprietors. this stall was obviously populated by regulars and there was some banter going.

the burr was so deep and thick that i understood about every 8th word or so (which...btw.... is actually less than when i was in paris...i understood every 3rd word when i was in paris). so when it was my turn, i asked one of the proprietors what was inside the pies.

i wasn't surprised when he gave me a funny look...i mean, how could i not know what was in the pies? even though they weren't labled...this ignorance on my part obviously indicated that i was "no'-from-aroun'-h're". after he told me about the steak pies, minced meat pies, minced meat and onion, etc...

he gave me an expectant look...but it was the kind of expectant look where he thought i wasn't going to like any of the options. when i very politely asked for a steak pie...

he broke out into a grin and said "well that's all 'ight then".

me thinks that the blackburn folks donna see a lot of folks like me....ever.

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