Monday, June 2, 2008

lamb beyti at turkish kitchen....

for a while there, it seemed that the space at 1986 shattuck in downtown berkeley was cursed...a restaurant never seemed to stay and never seemed to be very busy. yet, that changed when turkish kitchen moved in. i bet the sf chron review helped things a bit.

as of this past weekend, i've been 3 times since it opened. surprisingly enough, i didn't see the review until after my visits. i went once by myself and the other time with loved ones. each time the food has been quite lovely....i suppose, it helps that one of the dishes on the table each time was the lamb beyti. here is a shot of the lamb beyti from the meal that JB and i had over the weekend.

the lamb beyti is the dish on the left. isn't it pretty? it is a grilled lamb kebab wrapped in lavash, baked, and then topped with a sauce of tomato and yogurt...and it is soooooo good. we also ordered a plate of hummus and a börek with ground beef. i particularly enjoyed the flaky savory ground beef pastry.

hmmm. i think the savory pastry will be added to the "must have again at some point" list. there is something about meat pies....or ground spiced meat wrapped in a dough....i really haven't found a variation .....whether it be vietnamese, french, english, or indian...that i don't like.

anyway, if you think this post is are so wrong. i have more pictures of turkish food to share! a couple of weeks ago, VF and i decided to stop by turkish kitchen to celebrate her
50k wilderness run at very very very warm temperatures. i think we were both glad we stopped by.

we started the meal with
kisir, hummus ...and i think the ekmek (turkish flat bread) might have come with the hummus

which went very nicely with the turkish beer.

then, for the main course we split the chicken doner plate

and, of course, the lamb beyti...

and finished the meal with the rice pudding (Sütlac)

i must say that in addition to being a huge fan of the lamb beyti, i think i'm also a particular fan of the kisir. kisir is a bulgar wheat salad that is flavored with tomato paste and parsley. i think VF was a fan as well despite me having a funny, but embarrassing moment of spraying some bulgar grains around the table. i think i was laughing when i shouldn't have been. you know people love you when they forgive you for spitting food on them. sigh.

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