Saturday, June 7, 2008

my induction

sooooooooo. i'm on my way to the uk on monday morning to start my new job. my "induction" as the brits like to say has been quite an adventure thus far. if you are wondering why i've been so quiet is because i've been quite full of spit and fire the last couple of days.

first up, there was a general mess up with my last paycheck from my former company... which finally arrived today. yes, today is saturday. yes, my official last day was tuesday. the reason why the last paycheck is of particular importance is because i received a note earlier this week from my new company's US HR team ....indicating that they didn't know when my start day was. first day is this monday, june 9th. this note from US HR tells me right away that they don't have me in the system and it is very unlikely i will be paid for a couple of pay periods. i think you can see why the last paycheck from the old company becomes particularly important.

then....the UK folks booked my flight through a UK travel agency. when the first itinerary/e-ticket arrived on thursday, june 5th... i noticed that the travel agency didn't use my frequent flyer number or obtain me a seat for any legs of my flights. so i called the airlines and took care of that. then, lo' and behold, without any prompting from me, the travel agency decides to cancel that e-ticket and re-issued it because they didn't include my middle name. ok, i still don't say anything and then call the airlines again....and then, find out from one of the airlines that the travel agency COMBINED my middle name and last name to create an entirely new surname for know, a newly created surname that doesn't match my passport and would prevent me from getting on the plane. when i get this choice bit of news, it is is friday, june 6th and it is about 7:30pm in the UK. remember, i'm suppose to get on the plane on monday, june 9th. i also can't leave my place because i am awaiting my new work laptop that is suppose to arrive via UPS. so i can't leave my place to go get an international phone card (because of course, i don't have international phone service) so that i can contact the UK travel agency.

why o' why couldn't i just book my own travel arrangements?

this was a question that i've asked the universe many many many many times over the past couple of days. those that know me or have worked with me, probably know that i had always booked my own travel...even when i had assistants.

this experience reminds me of why i prefer to do so.

thank the gods that my new boss is developing an addiction to his blackberry and calls me while he's at the gym (in the UK) to ask WTF is going on. i tell him. he gets it all sorted out with the travel agency. i, once more, get it all sorted with the airlines.

so, as far as i know, i'm all set for flying out to the UK monday. but, then again, i thought that a few times during the past couple of days.

and you know what dear hearts? these little precious nuggets of experience were not the only discoveries that i've uncovered over the past couple of days. needless to say, that by about 8pm-ish CA time this evening, i was ready to breath fire.

so what did i do? i stopped myself over to cancun taqueria.

why is this place? why o' why would i try to go to a taqueria in berkeley of all places?

because when i go to cancun taqueria, i just think of their food as a vehicle for the salsas. cancun is the only place i know of in berkeley that has an extensive salsa bar....

where at least a quarter of the salsa are sorta spicy (like the cucumber salsa...yum)....and a couple are spicy. the spicy one i wanted was the "inferno salsa" which is made with habanero chili peppers.

absolutely nothing less would fit my mood.

there's nothing like eating a salsa rich in chunks of habanero chili peppers when you are super duper pissed off. the sting on the tongue, the releasing horde of endorphins, the warming of the belly, and interestingly enough, the slight overall cooling of the body. it was one of those perfect moments where the food and the mind were one. sigh.

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