Friday, June 20, 2008

a nice suprise....biryani house

it is hot.

i also haven't gone to the grocery store since i've returned from the uk.

the combo of these two things aren't helping my lack of motivation toward cooking. i think that i'll actually be more motivated this weekend after i buy some veggies and can actually step away from my computers for an extended amount of time. i must say that there won't be a lack of things to do with this new job...that is for certain.

i actually decided to brave the heat twice today. the first was around lunch time. what did i have for lunch? plain frozen yogurt from yogurt harmony. yeah, i know. but it was hot and i wasn't in the mood to walk all the way to south side for a salad from intermezzo intermezzo was prob crazy crowded. the second time was at about 6ish when i decided to take a break from this project i'm working on to grab some food. it was imperative that it be

1) not expensive ...i'm still suffering from sticker shock at paying for things in pound sterling...and it will be a few weeks before i'm reimbursed
2) very close is still hot...and i don't want to walk that far...
3) have some sort of spice

after pondering my criteria, i decided to visit the biryani house. i've been eye-balling it for a couple of months now. the location is on the corner of shattuck (the shattuck square part) and university...local folks know that this corner is a bit cursed. restaurants seem to come and go...and none seem to stick. yet, after a couple of months, bh was still around and consistently had people inside is huge seating area. i decided to give it a shot.

the inside was a bit nicer than i expected. it was also substantially cleaner than i expected.

the staff was also super nice....which seems to be a rarity in berkeley. i decided to order a mango lassi, the palak paneer, plain rice, and a garlic nan. they also provide chai for free.

surprisingly enough, the food was pretty decent. the portions were also pretty large. there were enough leftovers for me to have another meal. is it better than adjanta? no. adjanta is really good and higher end. but is bh better than some of the khana peena off shoots around berkeley and albany? absolutely positively.

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